Тема wordpress с кошками: Love your lovely

Тема wordpress с кошками: Love your lovely

Красивая тема wordpress с котятами и кроликами в шапке.

Тема руссифицирована.

Данный шаблон WordPress совместим с последними версиями WordPress, а также версиями позднее 2.7.

От авторов:

We all love our dear four-legged friends. We want them active and healthy always. A good diet and necessary exercise are important for the well being and health of our faithful companions. When we stay alone, pets can help us get rid of the loneliness. They are just like a family member of us. What is more, playing with your pet is great, because it is a kind of exercise and fun for both of you. If you really love your pets, pay more attention to their feeling and health.

This lovely and cute pet template is compatible with latest WordPress versions and of course, backward compatible. Coming with threaded comments and a couple of other useful settings and tested on major web browsers.

Create a trust between you and your pet? It is not as hard as you have imagined. Love your dog, and it will be loyal to you. Choose this premium theme for your amazing online space; you will be able to attract other attention.

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