Тема wordpress для собачников: Puppy Sound

Тема wordpress для собачников: Puppy Sound

Данный шаблон wordpress по настоящему оценят собаководы, ведь при помощи него достаточно просто сделать блог о своих любимцах.

В шаблон автоматически встроена широко используемая постраничная навигация Page Navi.

Тема переведена на русский язык.

От авторов:

For our human beings, dogs can be the most loyal and lovely friends. From the moment a puppy enters into your home, you have an opportunity to pick it up and play with it. There are so many nice and lovely dogs in the world, such as, Maltese, Chihuahua and more. All dogs need attention and plenty of love. If you are a puppy lover and plan to get one, you are responsible to give it a snuggery.

The fresh puppy template is compatible with latest WordPress versions and of course, backward compatible. Coming with threaded comments and a couple of other useful settings and tested on major web browsers.

The saying “Dogs are the man’s best friend” has been known to us all. Caring for your dog will assure that your lovely four-leg friend cares for you. To some extent, a dog is a pet that you can count on to love you and protect you.

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