Автомобильная тема wordpress: Love Life Love Car

Автомобильная тема wordpress: Love Life Love Car

Если вы ищете красивый шаблон для блога на wordpress, то обязательно обратиет внимание на тему .
Также, данный шаблон идеально подойдет для спортивного блога посвященного автоспорту.

Тема переведена на русский язык!

От авторов:

You must attach great importance to your dear car. It is not just a transportation vehicle as other people think. For you, it is also an important hobby, representing your attitude towards life. You love your car and it is better to know the tips to best maintain it, the solutions to unexpected damages and other related things. You may also hope to keep an eye on the latest brands. How do you like joining a group of car enthusiasts who share the same interest with you and may be more professional in the field of car?

This auto channel template is compatible with latest WordPress versions and of course, backward compatible. Coming with threaded comments and a couple of other useful settings and tested on major web browsers.

The world of auto is always full of wonders. I hope this template can take you further to this world and help enrich your life, making you happier.

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